Things to Know about The Tibetan Pranayama

The Sanskrit word Prana means life and Yama means consciousness. The combination of two is called conscious breathing. I was surprised to see the terminology called Tibetan Pranayama because science is derived from the ancient Indian Yoga. I searched for the phrase and found the 9 round-cycle of practicing it. I wasn’t surprised to see it very similar to the breathing exercise during the morning meditation of the Hindus. Let me tell you how it works.

Pranayama Procedure:

Sit on the lotus posture with a straight spine. Relax your muscles and breathe normally. It is a good practice to clean your nostrils with clean water before the start. Close your eyes and stay still for a few minutes.

Now, your mind will start disturbing you. Streams of thoughts flow into your mind from the past and future. Keep still and do nothing. You have to try and focus on your breathing. Ignore all the thoughts.

Once your mind calms down, you can start the next exercise. There is no need to imagine anything. Keep breathing and increase its depth. You may have to do it for the next few minutes until your mind and body are comfortable. Keep your eyes closed.

Close your left nostril gently with the right index finger. Take a deep breath from the right nostril until you feel the lungs are full.

Stay still for a few seconds. Now, open the left nostril and close the right nostril with the index finger of your left hand.

Exhale slowly through the right nostril. You have to make sure there is no sound from the nostril during exhalation.

Repeat the exercise as long as you are comfortable. Then you can stop.

Now, you have to breathe through both the nostrils without blocking any of them. Exhale and inhale gradually and deeply. You should be conscious of your breathing.

Keep your mind empty of all the thoughts. It may take several days or weeks before you can do it. Keep breathing deeply as long as you are comfortable. Then you can open your eyes and come out of the lotus posture.

Tibetan Pranayama Benefits:

The first experience you get is the calming of your mind. Negative thoughts start reducing gradually with time. Your reactions to people, places, situations, and conditions will slow down. The impulsive reactions will considerably reduce. However, you can’t expect miracles overnight.


The mind has to flow like a river. External stimuli can act as blocks to the flow. They can also invoke the hidden impulses from your subconscious mind. The mind has a tendency to carry the burdens from the past in the form of negative memories. Your mind is unable to flow freely because of these factors. Tibetan Pranayama can clear the blocks and give the freedom to flow to your mind.


Keep practicing regularly and you can experience a gradual increase in your efficiency levels in professional and personal life.


Make sure you drink plenty of water and fruit juices during the day. You can experience the feelings of relaxation and comfort during extreme stressful conditions also. I will be back with more content in my next blog posts.

Kalari the Great Art of International Health

Kalari is an Indian martial art which has its origins in the south Indian state of Kerala. According to historians, the art was introduced in 3rd century BCE. The art had spread across many parts of the world in the ancient era through the maritime traders and travelers at the same time. It was highly popular among the Kerala soldiers as a defensive force against the attacking enemies. It is also considered a powerful weapon for offensive actions during warfare. Today, Kalari is useful as a fitness and health workout which you can practice every day.

Nutrition for Kalari

The first aspect of effective Kalari is the diet plan. You have to eat proteins, vitamins, and nutrients in a balanced proportion. Kalari needs faster mobility and agility of your body. The energy levels have to be consistently high. Your body’s nutrient requirements grow higher as you start practicing.

Space Your Meals

You have to eat four or five light meals a day, rather than having three heavy meals. It gives more time for digestion and complete metabolism. It can also avoid indigestion, constipation, and other intestine disorders. You can also consume a number of calories and digest them to allow fat burning.

Go Veggie

Veggie foods are easy to digest and safe to consume. The best practice is to eat raw veggies like broccoli, cucumber, carrot, and green leafy veggies. You may also add onion, sweet potato, radish, pumpkin, and beets to your veggie salads. Drinking veggie juices like beet and carrot is very healthy. Beet can increase white blood cells and improve immunity. It can also purify the blood from the toxic elements accumulated from external sources.

Delight in Meat

Fatless meat is the most preferred foods for Kalari training. You can also eat stinging catfish, pearl spot, yellow catfish, Indian carp, and Ilish Shad. These types of fish are good for improving metabolism and cardiovascular health. You can exercise longer due to enhanced endurance.

Drink More Juices

Tender coconut water and sugar cane juice are the two beverages you should drink early in the morning on empty stomach. Fresh watermelon juice (not the packaged version) is highly essential to keep the body temperature within the normal levels. You can also opt for apple, orange and pomegranate juices to get strength and stamina during the day. You have to follow the diet plan for a minimum of three months before starting with your Kalari training.

Warm Up Workouts

In these three months, you can also start the warm-up workouts. Go for three to four miles of brisk walking early in the morning. After 15 days, you can start jogging for one mile every day. Start slowly and increase the pace after one of two weeks.

You have to make your muscles and joints flexible. So, you can opt for oil massages every day in the morning or evening before the shower. You may use coconut oil, gingerly oil, palm oil, olive oil, or other veggie oils. Add a piece of ginger, few pieces of curry leaves, and lime extract.


In my next blogs on international health, I will explain the workouts of Kalari. Keep reading and learning more from my blog articles.

Multiple Benefits of Understanding International Health

Hi, I am glad to be back with one more blog post on international health. Today, I shall take you through an interesting journey through Tibet. I will show you how the Tibetans have managed to keep themselves healthy and fit through food practices, meditation, and physical workouts.

Soups and Roast–Haven for International Health

Food is not only a source of energy and nutrients, but also the life that runs through your body, mind, and soul. According to the Tibetans, food gets converted to muscle fibers, blood, hormones, and the DNA in your body.  Hence, they consider food as sacred and a gift to humanity.


Tsampa is made of huddled barley, which you have to boil, dry and roast. Then you can grind it into a fine powder. You can use it for preparing the soup. You have to add radish, butter, soy sauce, and other boiled veggies.  You may also add chicken, meat, or beef to make it healthier and tastier. The ingredients can provide a sufficient quantity of proteins, vitamins, fat, calories, and other nutrients. Try it for breakfast and see how your energy levels remain at a high level throughout the day.

Tibetan Noodle Soup

The Tibetans call it Thenthuk. It is made of veggies and meat. It consists of the dough as the main ingredient. Onion, ginger, garlic, and other veggies, and meat are the other ingredients. You can make the dough with multigrain flour. You can prepare rolls from the dough and fry them in veggie oil. Use the other ingredients to prepare a broth. Cut the dough into fine pieces of noodles and add to the broth. Let the noodles boil in the broth for 10 minutes. Then you can serve.

The Tibetans consume Thenthuk with lunch or breakfast. It contains all the nutrients and minerals needed to strengthen your body and mind. The earliest Tibetan nomads consumed it for getting the stamina to move around the mountainous terrains in cold climatic conditions. The soup will also keep your body warm.

Tibetan Roast

Tibetan roast is a solid food made of buckwheat, mushrooms, rosemary, red wine and veggies. You may also add meat or beef to get extra strength and energy. You have to fry the buckwheat and mushroom in olive oil. Boil the veggies and meat. You can mix the ingredients, add spices and wine. Boil for 10 minutes and serve. The Tibetans consume it for lunch and supper. It can vitalize the muscles, bones, and internal organs. It is also a rich source of blood cells and hormone boosting ingredients.

Beverages – Fine Tune Your Body

 Rice beer is one of the most favored beverages in Tibet. Called as Drenching, it is popular among the Tibetan farmers during the harvest seasons. They use a special variety of rice called the jasmine-rice with dry yeast. The wine tastes fabulous and boosts energy levels within a few minutes of consumption.


In my next blog, I shall talk about the meditation and physical workouts of the Tibetans to celebrate the international health day.

Are Yoga and Chiropractic Compatible for International Health

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of fitness and health programs in the USA today. I have seen thousands of people participating in the Yoga and meditation programs in every city and state I have visited so far. Yet, many people have not understood the proper meaning and practical methods of Yoga.

Yoga consists of hundreds of postures from the simplest ones to the most complex ones. Your body has to be flexible and slim to perform advanced postures. So, the procedure is to start from the simplest forms and proceed to the complex forms.

When to Start Yoga

 You can start yoga at any age, provided you have the minimum physical fitness. Your yoga guru will explain to you about the postures your body can perform without causing any internal or external damages. 

The preferable age is early childhood from the age of five or six. As the child grows with yoga, her body becomes more flexible. So, she can adapt to the most advanced yoga practices naturally. My daughter started with yoga postures at the age of seven. She is able to perform the mid-level postures at the age of 12 now.

Improper Postures

It takes about five to six years of practical exposure for an individual to start teaching yoga. It is because he would have explored all the methods of yoga and experienced the complexity and implementation methods. The students can also learn better without any risks of injuries.

Unfortunately, you can find many yoga Gurus with little or no practical SADHANA (It is continuous and dedicated practices) teaching the art. So, they may not enough control over the way in which the students practice. Improper postures when practiced continuously, can lead to temporary or permanent injuries. They can also result in misalignment of the spinal cord, lower back, and the Para-spinal muscles.

Chiropractic for International Health

Now, it is time for the chiropractors to treat those who suffer injuries and spinal misalignments from improper yoga postures. The treatments have many benefits for them.

·         Faster healing and recovery

·         No side effects

·         Natural treatments with no chemicals or drugs

·         Positive impact directly on the affected parts

·         Long term positive effects

I have seen many of my friends returning to the active Yoga programs after completing the chiropractic treatments. They have been able to perform well than before, because of the extra energy levels in the muscles and joints.

Flexible Body

An individual’s body will be naturally less flexible at the age of 50 than at 15. However, the relative performance levels before and after chiropractic at any age can make a huge difference to the health and fitness of the individual.

I have also got the benefits of chiropractic spinal adjustments, but before starting with the yoga classes. I wanted to do it because of my desire to perform better. I started learning yoga at 47, after going through the chiropractic treatments. Now, my body is more flexible than ever before.


Not every yoga student has the need to go for chiropractic. It is only those who want to perform better after the 40s and those who get injuries due to wrong yoga postures, who may need chiropractic.

How Yoga Can Be Beneficial

Yoga aims at the complete wellness of the body and mind. The ultimate aim of Yoga is to bring about a person who is complete in the full sense.  A good part to the practice of Yoga has to be the diet as well as the yogic exercises. Let us in brief enumerate out what are the benefits to practicing Yoga on a long term basis. Practitioners of Yoga must understand that it is the transformative process which needs time and patience to come about. Unlike popping in a pill at night, yogic exercises need to be applied consistently and on a long term basis

Strengthens and tones muscles

One of the primary advantages of yoga is that it tones and strengthens muscle groups well.  More importantly the exercises are not meant to build up muscle tissue of muscle mass but to better shape and tone out the appearance. The leaner muscles are a much healthier option as compared to a bulkier option.

Increased body flexibility

There are advantageous to having a flexible body for the most parts. It prevents injuries and helps people lead a more comfortable lives right through.  People who are supple tend to fell a lot better after sleep and even after a stroll in the park.  On the whole circulation and body mass gets a good work out and improvement.

Yoga Practice

Energy levels

Yogic exercises tend to improve on the energy levels of the body. Certain hormones and body chemicals are released which in turn helps people feel a lot better and relaxed too. With the release of Cortisol, a hormone, the body tends to feel a lot less stressed and relaxed.


It must be said that yoga starts off with respiratory exercises all the time. Thus the first signs if indeed yoga is working can be found by examining the condition of the respiratory system. Signs of breathlessness and fatigue are sure indicators of poor respiratory systems. Yoga can address such concerns with ease and effectiveness.

On the whole an efficient respiratory system would produce better stamina and body health as well. The breathing practices improve good health and relives stress in the system. People suffering from asthmatic conditions have managed to find great relief from the use of yogic breathing exercises.

Low impact exercises

Exercises in yoga are known as low impact exercises.  This is because there is no pounding or pulling of heavy weights. Thus the chances of the body tending to break down does come down significantly most of the time.  At the same time coupled with a proper diet, it is possible to have an effective weight control program along with yoga.


Yoga and the practice of yoga have to be followed up with a diet that matches the same too. Ayurveda has a lot of positive sides to its contribution towards yoga exercise and the practice too. South Indian diets with their loaded anti-toxin effect strengths the body like no other alternative so to speak.

Health Bites – the Indian Way

India is the land of Ayurvedic treatments and Yoga. Together, they can keep you healthy and fit for your lifetime. You have to change your eating and living habits to a reasonable level for experiencing the transformation in your present health condition. You could be a tee, youth, adult, middle-aged or an elderly, the Indian healthy foods and lifestyle can improve your living. I have been traveling extensively from the south India state of Kerala to the Himalayas for the past 15 years. I have met many interesting people who have contributed to the world of diet, fitness, and health. Here are a few such ingredients.

South Indian Recipes


RASAM is a south Indian soup, made of tamarind, lime, mint leaves, lentils, tomato, ghee, cumin seeds, and grated coconut, lentils, and turmeric powder.

South Indian Recipes

You have to soak the lentils and tamarind in water for about 30 minutes. Pressure-cook the two ingredients. Then you can fry the spices and other ingredients in veggie oil and add to the ingredients in the cooker. Mix well and heat for four minutes. Then you can drink it or eat with rice. The preparation is can heal and cure constipation, reflux, nausea, and throat problems. Digestion happens smoothly. It removes the accumulated gas in your body and reduces joint pain.

Lemon Rice

Take two large pieces of lemon or lime. Cut and extract the juice into a cup. Boil one cup of rice or pressure-cook.

Take three spoons of olive oil in a pan and heat it gently. Add two spoons of curry leaves, mint-leaves, lentils, mustard seeds, black gram, cashew, peanuts, and salt. Fry for three minutes. Pour the ingredients into the rice bowl and mix well. You can eat the rice after adding some extra salt if required.


The recipe is from Tamilnadu in South India. You need 250 grams of skinned chicken, 2 spoon veggie oil, one onion, two tomatoes, and two spoons of turmeric powder, chili powder, yogurt, ginger, garlic, coriander-seeds, pepper-powder, cardamoms, cloves, and cinnamon powder.

Boil the chicken and remove the bones. Cut into small pieces and keep in a bowl. Take a pan and add three spoons of olive oil. Add all the ingredients and fry gently. You may also add grated coconut. Chop and add onion and two tomatoes. Add the chicken and continue to fry. You may add more olive oil if it is insufficient for frying. Add one cup of hot water. You can boil it until it becomes a thick soup. You can use it with bread or rice.

The soup can strengthen your muscles and bones. It can provide plenty of nutrients like vitamins and proteins. You can work through the day without getting fatigued.

South Indian Beverages

Bengal Quince Juice

Take a whole Bengal quince and cut into pieces. You can add three spoons of sugar, one spoon of honey, and two spoons of lime extract. Then you can blend it to make juice. Similarly, you can try sarsaparilla, jaggery,   and buttermilk recipes. They are good recipes for reducing your body heat.