For Those Who Love to be Healthy


Hello and welcome to my blog for international health. In my blog, I will take you on a fantastic journey across Asia, Australia, Europe, and parts and North and Central America. My purpose is simple. I want to share some of the amazing ways to keep you healthy and fit from these countries. I will be talking about food and beverage, physical workouts, body and mind cleansing, home remedies for ailments, and immunity to infections and diseases. I will also share a great number of entertainments and fun games to keep your mind and body healthy.

Beauty, skin care, anti-aging herbals, and hair care specialties are some of the key factors to keep you in good health. Nail care and feet care are the two things which can keep you fully energized and fresh. I will share my experience in keeping their health in good condition from many counties.

Asia –Continent of Diversity


Chinese healthy foods can also keep you fit and young. Steamed foods are their specialties which contain all the essential herbs and roots with veggies. I will introduce you to the hundreds of Chinese recipes and cuisines apart from herbal tonics and supplements.

Chinese exercises for health are aimed at achieving a balance between the mind and body. I will take you through the journey on TAI-CHI, YIJINJING, KEGEL, and many others.

Ancient Chinese herbs are known to cure many forms of infections and diseases. They can also Detox your body and keep your mind stable. I will take you through an extended journey of Chinese herbs which can transform you into a young and dynamic personality.


Traditional Indian foods from Kashmir to Kerala and Mumbai to Manipur can keep you perfectly healthy for life. You may choose veggies, meat, kinds of seafood, or cereals and fruits. I have traveled widely across India to learn about the thousands of food recipes. They come from traditional, tribal, and modernist recipes.

For Exercises and fitness, I can recommend multiple types of Yoga, KALARI, meditation, and plenty of others. I can introduce you to hundreds of postures, simple workouts, and complex systems. You will obviously find them interesting and simple, though not easy.

The Ayurvedic medication system in India is more than five thousand years old. I will introduce you to the various forms of supplements, therapies, herbs, massages and other preparations for your health. The system can also protect and enhance your beauty from head to toes without any negative side effects.

Americas – Land of Mayans

My first visit was to Mexico, where I learned about the healthy lifestyle of the ancient Mayans. Then I traveled all the way through Belice, Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica. I will share all the foods, fitness exercises, and herbal medicines from these countries with you.

Australia – the land of Aborigines

There are many hidden secrets of Aborigines to keep your body healthy, fit and free from diseases. I will take you through the entire journey from the ancient ages to modern systems. Keep reading and exploring the international health traditions from my blog.