Are Yoga and Chiropractic Compatible for International Health


Yoga is one of the most popular forms of fitness and health programs in the USA today. I have seen thousands of people participating in the Yoga and meditation programs in every city and state I have visited so far. Yet, many people have not understood the proper meaning and practical methods of Yoga.

Yoga consists of hundreds of postures from the simplest ones to the most complex ones. Your body has to be flexible and slim to perform advanced postures. So, the procedure is to start from the simplest forms and proceed to the complex forms.

When to Start Yoga

 You can start yoga at any age, provided you have the minimum physical fitness. Your yoga guru will explain to you about the postures your body can perform without causing any internal or external damages. 

The preferable age is early childhood from the age of five or six. As the child grows with yoga, her body becomes more flexible. So, she can adapt to the most advanced yoga practices naturally. My daughter started with yoga postures at the age of seven. She is able to perform the mid-level postures at the age of 12 now.

Improper Postures

It takes about five to six years of practical exposure for an individual to start teaching yoga. It is because he would have explored all the methods of yoga and experienced the complexity and implementation methods. The students can also learn better without any risks of injuries.

Unfortunately, you can find many yoga Gurus with little or no practical SADHANA (It is continuous and dedicated practices) teaching the art. So, they may not enough control over the way in which the students practice. Improper postures when practiced continuously, can lead to temporary or permanent injuries. They can also result in misalignment of the spinal cord, lower back, and the Para-spinal muscles.

Chiropractic for International Health

Now, it is time for the chiropractors to treat those who suffer injuries and spinal misalignments from improper yoga postures. The treatments have many benefits for them.

·         Faster healing and recovery

·         No side effects

·         Natural treatments with no chemicals or drugs

·         Positive impact directly on the affected parts

·         Long term positive effects

I have seen many of my friends returning to the active Yoga programs after completing the chiropractic treatments. They have been able to perform well than before, because of the extra energy levels in the muscles and joints.

Flexible Body

An individual’s body will be naturally less flexible at the age of 50 than at 15. However, the relative performance levels before and after chiropractic at any age can make a huge difference to the health and fitness of the individual.

I have also got the benefits of chiropractic spinal adjustments, but before starting with the yoga classes. I wanted to do it because of my desire to perform better. I started learning yoga at 47, after going through the chiropractic treatments. Now, my body is more flexible than ever before.


Not every yoga student has the need to go for chiropractic. It is only those who want to perform better after the 40s and those who get injuries due to wrong yoga postures, who may need chiropractic.

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