Kalari the Great Art of International Health

Kalari the Great Art of International Health

Kalari is an Indian martial art which has its origins in the south Indian state of Kerala. According to historians, the art was introduced in 3rd century BCE. The art had spread across many parts of the world in the ancient era through the maritime traders and travelers at the same time. It was highly popular among the Kerala soldiers as a defensive force against the attacking enemies. It is also considered a powerful weapon for offensive actions during warfare. Today, Kalari is useful as a fitness and health workout which you can practice every day.

Nutrition for Kalari

The first aspect of effective Kalari is the diet plan. You have to eat proteins, vitamins, and nutrients in a balanced proportion. Kalari needs faster mobility and agility of your body. The energy levels have to be consistently high. Your body’s nutrient requirements grow higher as you start practicing.

Space Your Meals

You have to eat four or five light meals a day, rather than having three heavy meals. It gives more time for digestion and complete metabolism. It can also avoid indigestion, constipation, and other intestine disorders. You can also consume a number of calories and digest them to allow fat burning.

Go Veggie

Veggie foods are easy to digest and safe to consume. The best practice is to eat raw veggies like broccoli, cucumber, carrot, and green leafy veggies. You may also add onion, sweet potato, radish, pumpkin, and beets to your veggie salads. Drinking veggie juices like beet and carrot is very healthy. Beet can increase white blood cells and improve immunity. It can also purify the blood from the toxic elements accumulated from external sources.

Delight in Meat

Fatless meat is the most preferred foods for Kalari training. You can also eat stinging catfish, pearl spot, yellow catfish, Indian carp, and Ilish Shad. These types of fish are good for improving metabolism and cardiovascular health. You can exercise longer due to enhanced endurance.

Drink More Juices

Tender coconut water and sugar cane juice are the two beverages you should drink early in the morning on empty stomach. Fresh watermelon juice (not the packaged version) is highly essential to keep the body temperature within the normal levels. You can also opt for apple, orange and pomegranate juices to get strength and stamina during the day. You have to follow the diet plan for a minimum of three months before starting with your Kalari training.

Warm Up Workouts

In these three months, you can also start the warm-up workouts. Go for three to four miles of brisk walking early in the morning. After 15 days, you can start jogging for one mile every day. Start slowly and increase the pace after one of two weeks.

You have to make your muscles and joints flexible. So, you can opt for oil massages every day in the morning or evening before the shower. You may use coconut oil, gingerly oil, palm oil, olive oil, or other veggie oils. Add a piece of ginger, few pieces of curry leaves, and lime extract.


In my next blogs on international health, I will explain the workouts of Kalari. Keep reading and learning more from my blog articles.

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